About me

Like my father before me, I entered into the world of homebuilding after a childhood of playing around jobsites in Connecticut. He used to have an old Hartford city bus as a job trailer, which for me was just one big toy. Finally, at age 24, I purchase my first residential lot and built my first two-family home just outside Hartford. That development was my start and I subsequently built homes throughout Connecticut during the following 16 years. 

As 2000 approached, we loaded up the three kids, one dog and two fish and moved from New England to Bethesda to start a new chapter in our lives. In Bethesda, I changed my focus to commercial construction, from tenant fit-outs to office renovations.

The one aspect that I have loved, in all my years in construction, is the interaction with homebuyers - explaining the ins and outs of home ownership and the complexities and nuances of construction, from framing to finish work and everything in between.

So my newest move into residential real estate is just an extension of my love of all things “home.” I bring to my new role my years of expertise in homebuilding. In fact, I hope to take the wonder out of owning something old or in need of some TLC, especially when a huge majority of homes in the District are fast approaching 100. My own Wardman-style brick home in the Crestwood section of the city is a prime example of both the work these kinds of homes need and the reward of having completed renovations!

If you have thought about looking for a home and weren’t sure where to begin, let’s begin together!  I have all the tools of the trade needed to quickly and efficiently list your home, find you a new home or help any of your friends in their endeavor.


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