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My early professional work grew out of the world hunger crisis of the 1970's that I witnessed first hand while in the Peace Corp in Africa. I left my home in Texas to take a position on the staff of Jimmy Carter's Presidential Commission on World Hunger and became a Washingtonian. I worked for several more years for a non-profit organization, called the Global Forum, which I founded to increase the awareness of Americans about developing countries.

Much of my work revolved around campaigns to ameliorate global poverty, and to increase the understanding Americans had for the Third World. From my early childhood, my family called me the "campaigner" and I bring that energy to bear in that most personal of family struggles the search for a home. Needless to say, after working on intractable global issues, it became very rewarding to help people successfully conclude their search for homes. I am always challenged and usually delighted by the changing configuration of these searches. I have observed over time that people who are selling or buying houses are often in a state close to crisis. I do my utmost to make that process as stress free, efficient and fun as possible! 

In 1999 I took a seven-month sabbatical from real estate to upgrade my computer skills and to train Realtors how to market houses online. The Internet has transformed our market place and the way houses are bought and sold as surely as it is every other market sector. I am carrying my campaign skills into the World Wide Web because I know this best serves my clients. Revolution or not, hands on, full face to face relationships in real estate remain the most important means of communication.

I am married to Marcus, who is a writer, founder of a "think tank", and professor of political theory. We have an accomplished twenty-two year old daughter and to make things lively, we have two dogs and a cat. One of my great joys is to work in my garden. Like most gardens, mine permits me to change its outlines and hues when I have time, and forbears without me when I have to neglect it.


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