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Even before going into real estate I was passionate about houses. I was the one you’d find at ‘open houses’ in the neighborhood, curious to see what folks do with their spaces. Looking back I see it was an exercise, thinking about how this or that wall could be moved, how best to place or rearrange the furniture, where to hang a painting. Always designing in my head. Not quite an obsession, but certainly a passion.

And now this passion has become a way of life and work, a way to move from admirer of homes, to an agent of change…To putting my experience and knowledge of the real estate market, my analytical and negotiating skills to work for the benefit of my clients. 

I understand how much my clients depend on me for good advice, to be their sounding board, and to help them navigate the complicated maze of home buying or selling. I offer my perspective and expertise, as a professional, and as the agent who can put all the information together to bring about a smooth and successful process. 

I’ve been able to see first hand how important it is to have a trusted agent by your side, because while the walls of a house may be cold and inanimate, the concept of home and the emotions it conjures up, is not. 

And it follows that while a real estate transaction is about numbers and logistics and maybe where to move the furniture, once you add people to the equation, the process is emotional and not all together linear. 

I don’t have it all figured out yet, but I’m collecting stories along the way, stay tuned. I’ll be putting my book together any day now. 

In it I’ll probably include snippets of my life before real estate, when I worked for many years as a Spanish Translator and Interpreter, and before that when the pursuit of art ruled my universe. 

I’ve also been lucky enough to travel and live in various wonderful places before ‘settling’ down in Silver Spring, which is now home. This is only part of the mix of experiences that I bring along to my real estate life, to share with you. 


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