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If you examine successful professionals, you will usually discover at their core a strong, focused individual out to fulfill a mission.  Shirley Mattam-Male is no exception!  Her ability to interact with her clients on a relational rather than transactional level sets her apart.  Moreover, she is a team builder, a natural problem solver, and a ferocious negotiator.  

Shirley’s competence and confidence stem from her background:  Arriving in the United States as a young mum married to an American - she was challenged to assimilate to a new culture and a work environment very different to her native land.  It is her ability to thrive and succeed around new and challenging facets of life that imbues her with style and discernment.

Through several moves, Shirley became inspired by a love of real estate.  Truth be told, she previewed close to fifty homes prior to purchasing her own home.  Shirley began her career in 2002 and worked as an apprentice for a top producer.  In 2005 she joined McEnearney and in 2006 HGTV asked her to audition for the role of the real estate expert for the Washington DC  "Designed To Sell” series.   She was picked out of 200 Realtors to be one of the two Experts for the show.  Forty-nine shows and seven seasons later - she is now working with her clients to make sure they practice what she preached on TV!

For those of you planning to buy or sell a home, or if you know of a friend or family moving to the Northern Virginia and Maryland communities, Shirley’s Industry IQ, Experience, Credibility, Work Ethic and Track Record  - combined with her impeccable service – will enable you and yours to make the most informed real estate decisions.  Shirley Mattam-Male will serve you well.



Shirley has been published in the ERC Mobility Magazine.

Her article is titled Gross (Home) Anatomy-Trends Beneficial to Buyers and Sellers Alike. Here is a brief introduction: While homeowners looking to sell lament over the current buyer's market, many do not realize the opportunities that lie in wait for attractive houses in tip-top condition that are correctly priced. Like a doctor dispensing advice, Mattam-Male shares tips for boosting the health of a marketed home. To view a PDF of the article as it appeared in the printed magazine, click this link: Gross (Home) Anatomy Trends Beneficial to Buyers and Sellers - By Shirley Mattam-Male


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