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Congress Heights is an emerging residential area of increasing economic investment activity located in southeast Washington, D.C. Congress Heights has seen much commercial development along Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue and Malcolm X Avenues. Congress Heights borders the St. Elizabeth Hospital campus to the northeast on Alabama Avenue SE, South Capitol Street to the west, Atlantic Street to the south and Alabama Avenue to the east. St. Elizabeth Hospital’s mixed-use redevelopment project is also underway. This expansive undertaking will become a new community hospital, create vast commercial spaces, a widely anticipated sports and entertainment complex for D.C. basketball fans, plus a large selection of apartments and townhouses. In addition, by 2020, the Homeland Security Headquarters is scheduled to be part of a residential and retail complex. The Congress Heights Metro station will see new construction soon for a retail and residential apartment project with future plans to increase mixed-use development in the Alabama Avenue SE and 13 Street SE location.

Quality of Life:

In the midst of increasing long-term residential and commercial development of the area, the residents successfully maintain an inclusive sense of community in Congress Heights. Multigenerational residents include homeowners, renters, young people, professionals, and families, as well as longtime residents committed to supporting and strengthening their community during this time of economic transition. Local activities, fresh produce markets, community awareness and information via social media help keep residents informed in Congress Heights.

Getting Around:

Commuting to the Pentagon, Navy Yard and Capitol Hill from Congress Heights plus good access to National Harbor, I-295, and Virginia make this location popular with commuters. The future addition of the Homeland Security Headquarters and the plans for St. Elizabeth’s campus will affect all residents. The Congress Heights Metro station, below St. Elizabeth’s on the Green Line, will be transformed by new mixed-use construction. Metrobus and DC Circulator serve commuters as well.